American colonial life

American colonial life

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Volume of 1200 – 1250 words (5 pages)

Assignment type : Essay
First hand account – primary source. You can be at colonial Settler, slave, American Indian, fur trader, soldier, farmer, slave,governor. Daily life on frontier of colonial life in the New World. Personal experience. Evaluate the impact of European colonization on the physical, social and religious landscapes of Americas. Use agriculture, labor, religion, race, slavery and war. Evaluate and analyze it like a set of European colonization and imperialism. Clear thesis statement. Social, political, cultural, gender identity. Use The American people Creating a Nation and a Society Textbook 1-4 Chapter by Pearson, Discourse concerning Western Planting by Richard Hakluyt, and Onandogas and Cayuga: Iroquois Chiefs Address the Govenors of New York and Virginia (1684).


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