evil eyes

evil eyes

Format MLA

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Assignment type : Research Paper

Stage of Completion: Auction
You will submit a typed, double-spaced research paper on a topic related to literature. Your paper (including the works cited page) should be a minimum of 750 words. This research paper should be completed in proper MLA format (with in-text citations and a works cited page; no title page). A minimum of five sources is required. At least three of your sources must be secondary sources. You may not submit a paper written for another class or written by another person.
You have a great deal of personal choice in your specific topic, but your paper should fall into one of the following categories:
• An in-depth comparison/contrast of two characters from two different literary works
• An in-depth comparison/contrast of two poems
• An in-depth discussion of symbolism used in a particular literary work
• A study of the sources or historical events that influenced a particular work (Ex.
comparing G.B. Shaw’s Pygmalion with the original Greek myth of Pygmalion)
• A study of the social, political, or economic context in which a work was written — how does the context influence the work? (Ex. arguing that Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” could not have been written in a straightforward manner due to the heightened tensions between various groups at the time)
You may research works that appear in your textbook as well as literary works that do not. The focus may be on novels, short stories, poetry, drama, or some combination of them. This should NOT be a straightforward, purely informative, biographical paper about an author’s life. Your paper should be a literary argument, meaning you demonstrate critical thinking about the literature and propose and support some viewpoint toward it.
Though I will be happy to offer advice and leads, please remember that choosing, shaping, and focusing the topic so that it can be developed into a thesis is a part of the assignment. Above all, try to choose something that interests you. (You might try looking at the discussion questions that follow whatever works intrigue you as a way to stimulate your thinking). A good place to start looking for ideas is to find something that you have a strong reaction to when you read it—good, bad, or otherwise. A strong emotional response (“This is absurd!” “Oh my gosh, it’s like she’s reading my mind!” or “What in the WORLD is he talking about?!”) can be a great jumping off point for forming questions that will lead you down the research path.
If you have any questions or problems concerning your paper–whether it’s about sources, organization, or style–don’t hesitate to contact me. I will not hand you a topic, but I’ll be happy to discuss the topic with you. Discussing topic ideas is often a great way to formulate and develop a strong topic, so I also encourage you to bounce your ideas off one another.
Be certain that your topic has a focus and makes a point. It should not be simply a collection of scholarly gossip on a particular subject; instead, it should have a clearly defined point of view that sheds some light on the work you have chosen to discuss. Your topic should thoroughly develop a somewhat limited topic rather than merely scraping the surface of a huge topic.
The purpose of this assignment is to learn something in the process of composing the paper and to present what you’ve learned effectively. With the emphasis on process in mind, please note that there are a few milestones during the term related to your paper. Please observe the guidelines and due dates for each of these milestones as each one affects your grade, and, more importantly, will enhance the overall quality of your final product.
Finally, it must be said that plagiarism is an unforgivable offense. Be sure the paper is adequately documented. Take advantage of all the resources available to you (including your handbook, online resources, instructor, NET mentors, classmates, and TIME!) so that you do not end up being tempted to kidnap someone else’s work and present it as your own.
MILESTONES: The following dates are deadlines. You may complete any of these tasks early.
1) Paper prospectus due by September 10. This is a one-paragraph explanation of what you think your paper is going to be about. You should ask your research question(s), identify what literary work(s) your research will focus on, propose a few ideas about what you plan to assert, and discuss what kinds of sources you think will prove useful to you. You will likely adjust your proposed topic after this time, but you have to start somewhere, right? Submitting a prospectus is worth 10% of your final grade on the paper.

2) Working thesis statement/working bibliography due by October 10. At the top of the page, state your working thesis in 1-2 sentences. Below that, list all the sources you have identified (up to this point) that you think may be useful for your paper. Your working bibliography should have at least 7 sources and should be typed in proper MLA format. All the sources listed on your working bibliography do not have to be included in your final paper, nor are you limited to only using the sources you submit at this time. Submitting this working thesis statement and bibliography is worth 10% of your final grade on the paper.

3) submit your paper to the Blackboard dropbox as an attachment (just as you do with all your essays). The entire paper (works cited page included) should be saved in one document and successfully submitted before midnight on this deadline. The final paper is worth 80% of the overall paper grade.
the prospective is includeded here:

The Evil Eye

Insane in the membrane he is, the Narrator insane in the brain. He is not mad. Do we know why the Narrator is claiming he is not Mad? What is it about the eye that has the Narrator completely mad? Assuring us that he is not crazy the Narrator is out to kill the old man and that eye.

The narrator was diagnosed as being insane and he is denying the fact of the diagnosis. Narrator is denying the fact that he is insane. At the place where he lived back in the late 1800s, Narrator had to use a lantern to light his way around in the nighttime. He must have roomed with this old man and taking care of him. It was that eye that probably freaked him out at night. I couldn’t have lived with someone with one eye just because of that reason. Narrator to me seems psychotic and in need of medication.

Narrator had an obsession with this evil eye. Narrator stalked the old man for 7 whole nights. Peeking at him in his room while he slept, stalker in the making. If the old man didn’t sleep so heavy I would have woke up and kicked the Narrator out of my house. Narrator had a crazy obsession with this eye, on the 8th night narrator with his crazy behind kills the old man. This prove to me of his insanity.

If I was the old man the mad man would not be living with me. If I were the Narrator I would not live with someone with one eye. When the Narrator Brutally killed the old man who called the police?
I will be comparing, Edgar Allen Poe’s The Telltale heart and the Black cat.
Thesis statement and research paper needed.


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