Network & security

Network & security

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Volume of 2 pages (550 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper
Write a short paper (1 page minimum per topic, double-spaced) addressing the 3 security
scenarios described below. Please list your references and submit your assignment via
Using information from Chapters 15, 4, and 7, please answer the following in detail:
1) Research some of the tools that may be used by penetration testers or
vulnerability assessment professionals.
2) Research the potential costs and requirements for an organization should there
be a data breach. Assume the following 3 scenarios (Choose one):
a) the company is a Web-based company selling products over the Internet
and collecting payment using credit cards.*
b) the company is a health insurance provider.*
c) the company is a utility company with a Transmission department
operating real-time SCADA systems and tapped into the Grid. NERC CIP
compliance must be followed.
3) Research new network observation tools that use enhanced techniques, such
as virtual machine-based code execution, to detect unwanted network traffic,
e.g., botnet activity or malware activity that is not detectable by traditional
AntiVirus (AV).
* For 2a) and 2b), the usage of personal identifiable information (PII) within an
industry is driven by compliance and it will drive the requirements to provide
guidance how best to protect the data (and the consequences (fines) if they are not.


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