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Blog post

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Choose a marketing or public relations campaign from a company, non-profit organization, or political candidate that communicates persuasively and effectively. The campaign should have more than one execution, which can be in print, digital, video, or other media. Ideally, you should choose an English-language campaign that launched within the past three years.

Then write a blog article (up to 500 words) describing the campaign and why it was effective. Consider the following questions in crafting your blog article:

What were the objectives of the organization behind the campaign?
Who was the organization trying to persuade? (In other words, who was the organization’s target audience?
What communication channels did they utilize?
Why do you say this campaign communicated persuasively and effectively? (Consider using the R.A.V.E.S. guidelines outlined by J. Wind in Beyond Advertising.)
How might the organization have improved this effort?
When you post your article to our Industry Insider blog, be sure to embed an image or video from the campaign. If it is available online, you might want to link to the live campaign. (Don’t assume that the reader has seen or knows about the organization or the campaign.)


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