Develop a method for studyDevelop a method for study

Develop a method for study

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Case study
Many of us have been told growing up that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Based on this premise, a charity known as the Food Bank has partnered with schools around the country (particularly in areas of socio-economic disadvantage) to provide breakfast to children through an initiative called Breakfast Club. The Food Bank receives donated food from various companies and distributes this to schools through a network of volunteers. The local government in your area has taken great interest in this program following anecdotal reports from teachers and principals that their students have shown improvements in memory and attention in class that has led to better academic outcomes overall. As part of a larger study, your team has been asked to investigate whether this is the case and have received ethics to measure working memory in groups of children from two different schools using a simple task known as the Backwards Auditory Digitspan. One school is running a Breakfast Club and the other is not. Both schools have matched demographic characteristics. Your study will help the local government determine whether the program should be expanded across more schools or not. In answering this question, your report should consider how the program could be of sustained benefit to the children and schools involved, and also the value of using donated food in this way. Dataset details: 30 participants who participated in a school Breakfast club have been compared to 30 participants who did not on the Backwards Auditory Digitspan task.
• Group 1: Students from school with Breakfast Club
• Group 2: Students from school without Breakfast Club
• Measure: Backwards Auditory Digitspan (BDS)

Q. Develop a method for study
 Include
 Participant: who was measured?
 Materials: what were the measure used?
 Procedure: how was the study conducted


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