child abuse and neglect

child abuse and neglect

Format APA
Volume of 1100 – 1650 pages (5 pages)
Assignment type : Research Proposal

Draft a timeline for your project and start thinking about the budget and some of the important milestones.

1) State your research question and 300-350 words about your proposed study design and data collection plan.

2) Timeline. You have 6 months to complete the proposed project. All participant recruitment, data collection and analysis, and final report presentation or publication must be written must be conducted during that time. ­The planning phase is not included in this timeline because we are doing it now. ­Assume that you obtain IRB approval before this 6 month time period.

3) Budget. Maximum award per group: $1,500. This amount many not include salary or stipends for the students, faculty or staff of the academic institution but may include salary or stipends for community partners. This amount includes a 15% overhead for the academic institution. The grant funds may be used for publication feeds and costs associated with conference attendance for dissemination of research results

4) Describe your dissemination plan (150-200 words). Do you want to present the results of your proposed research at a professional conference, write a report that will be posted on the internet, write a manuscript to submit to a peer-reviewed publication, or something else? How will you report your results back to the community and other stakeholders?


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