global business essay

global business essay

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company paper about Nike. Only the FINANCE section.
Global Business
Company Research Project


Research a well-known US company and draft a report on each of the areas below. Your goal is not to simply report data (aka “Data Dump”), but to carefully gather and analyze it. You should conclude each section by completing the statement “This is important because….” And “This data shows that….”
The Project

a. Brief Company History (1-2 pages)

b. Operations (2-3 pages)
i. Describe their organizational structure and top 2-3 key leaders
ii. Describe their operations – you are trying to find out what is unique about how they produce goods/services as compared to their competitors.

c. Industry Overview and Competitive Landscape (3-4 pages)
i. Analyze the industry including company rankings, size of market, and relative market shares of major competitors.
ii. Describe each of its largest competitors in this industry
iii. Using a PESTLE Analysis, determine the key factors facing this firm. Do not simply list things, but pull out the top 3-4 things that will help or hurt them.

d. Marketing (3-4 pages)
i. Global Presence – in what countries do they currently operate?
ii. Describe the company’s CURRENT Marketing Mix in detail
iii. Describe their major product/service lines and their major brands

e. Finance (3-4 pages)
i. Provide and analyze the firm’s Income Statement (aka: Statement of Operations) for the last 5 years available. Present the data and create a visual. See below.
ii. Include the Balance Sheet for the most recent 5 years available
iii. Provide a Current Ratio, Debt/Equity Ratio, and the Inventory Turnover Ratio for the past 5 years. Then compare them with the Industry Ratios AND their main competitors.
iv. Analyze the company’s stock performance over the past 5 years

f. Conclusion
i. Are they poised (competitively) and ready (financially) to expand overseas?


• Annual Revenue data should be depicted in Bar Charts, Stock prices should be depicted in Line Charts, and Market Share information should be depicted in a Pie Chart. More importantly, COMMENT ON WHAT YOU SEE! What is your analysis of the data you presented?


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