Format AMA

Volume of 1300 – 1500 pages (6 pages)
Assignment type : Essay

Topic: A belief that I used to have that I don’t believe in anymore
-What I used to believe but I don’t believe anymore is first loves. Having the thought of progressing through your life with your first love in this generation is rare. By this generation I practically mean from anywhere from 1985 to present. You have to go through many now to figure out who you want to be with. It can happen but it mostly will not. Social media has plagued us with the thoughts. The open ideas, the many directions you can possibly go than just hoping to have one love. Also because we believe more of what we see on our phone fits our lifestyles than what we naturally would see in ourselves or another person. We fail to truly figure ourselves out instead to worry about another so quickly. First loves. They’re obsolete. The older generations focused based on themselves and actions and hope to innovate and progress through life. Without looking at a phone. Without really going out and doing silly things but to devote themselves to themselves before they devote themselves to one another. Doing small things such as flowers, letters, nights outside but in this generation, we fear our emotions. We fear to take a step further to hurt ourselves. We worry more about the fuck boys and see less of the good boys. We see more of the slutty girls instead of the good girls. It’s vice versa. So in my opinion, true love or first love is obsolete, you can’t obtain it unless you love yourself. It takes more to come back than to start anew. Thats why its difficult to believe in first loves in the first place.
(Revise and make sure that this is similar to what you’re talking about in the last paragraph; I want this to be the topic of the essay, my belief about first love)
1) You have to write backwards from last (5th paragraph) paragraph to first paragraph. Start the last paragraph using the “I used to believe … Now I believe…” kinda sentence but do not finish it until you’re done with the other four paragraphs since the last paragraph is there for you to go back and write your own reflection of the entire essay or perspective. See the attached image for further specific instructions. It’s important to follow those rules set out by my professor.
2) 4th paragraph:
First portion: time capture (talk about every single events (make up something that relates to topic I talked about) that happened most recent – months ago, etc) ; everything has to be in present tense
Second portion: talk and apply perspective
3) 3rd paragraph:
First portion: time capture (events that happened probably a year ago?..); use present tense
Second portion: perspective
4) 2nd paragraph:
First portion: events when I am 15 years old..? Something like that; use present tense
Second portion: apply your own perspective
5) 1st paragraph:
First portion: events when I am 12 years old ?; use present tense
Second portion: perspective; make sure the perspective from the first paragraph and the one from the very last paragraph are completely significantly different.
6) Now go back to the last paragraph to write a reflection
-what have you learned in general and about yourself
-maybe think about how initially I was so uncertained, now I think my beliefs are very flexible
7) Make sure to go back and change time captures/captions for them to make sense
8) Make sure there is a shift in perspective overtime as you go from one paragraph to another so that the first is completely different from the last paragraph. Two different mindsets.
9) Include different styles of writing:
-dialogues (use this more bc it will be very effective but dont overuse it)
-telescoping (at least 3)
-short sentences (lots)
-freighting (at least 3)
-parentheses (at least 2)
-semicolons (at least 4)
-colons (at least 2)
-dashes (at least 2)
-double dashes (at least 2)
-melted together words (at least 2)
-metaphors (at least 2)
10) Paper needs a purpose. Reader should finish the essay believing there was a specific reason why you wrote it. Beware of the audience. Try to transfer/connect emotions with reader/audience.
11) Keep in mind I’m a girl so try to see from a girl’s perspective.
12) Creative title
13) MLA format
14) each paragraph has two parts: describe events in present tense and perspective.


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