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Assignment type : Dissertation

This week you will utilize the resources of the library. You will begin research of peer-reviewed journal articles related to their thesis proposal. I will help guide you in best practices for organizing their research files.
You will identify the survey which will be utilized in the methodology chapter of the thesis. See section on Research Survey below;


As HR Professionals, it is imperative to continually review and evaluate best practices in the field of human resource management, while offering analysis and recommendations for improvement. Professional research studies and surveys conducted by national organizations in the HR profession are a reliable source of current and new practices in the field. Students in the MAHRM Program will not be conducting human subject research, rather, students will utilize valid, timely surveys from premier HR organizations, such as the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). In HRM669, the student will identify a recently conducted survey related to their thesis topic. In HRM670, significant sections of the survey will be cited and discussed in the Methodology chapter of the Thesis. The student will then analyze the results of the survey in Chapter 4 and provide recommendations in Chapter 5.


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