schizophrenia paranoid type case study of bill

schizophrenia paranoid type case study of bill

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Assignment type : Case Study

1. One simple way to define a delusion is to say that it is false belief. But there is more to it than that. How would you describe Bill’s delusional belief about the film that had presumably been made about him? What characteristics of his belief system were important, beyond the fact that it was not based on evidence that could be shared with other people?
2. What were the earliest symptoms that Bill was beginning to develop a psychotic disorder? Were there any meaningful signs of his disorder prior to the onset of hallucinations and delusions? If medication is effective for most people who have psychotic symptoms, should it also be prescribed for people who seem to be vulnerable to schizophrenia? What the possible advantage (1) and disadvantage of this approach to treatment?
3. Given the broad range of symptoms and social deficits that are often associated with schizophrenia, these patients often need a broad array of services and support systems. Other than antipsychotic medication, what are the most important forms of mental-health service that would be helpful, both to the patients and to their families?


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