Socrates paper rewrite

Socrates paper rewrite

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ORIGINAL PROMPT- Socrates argues in the Crito that he has tacitly agreed never to break the laws of Athens, and that this agreement is a just one. State his argument for that conclusion, as clearly, concisely, and accurately as you can. Is the argument sound? If you think it isn’t, try to identify the flaw(s). If you think it is, present the best objection you can think of, and show how the argument can be defended against it.
The assignment is to rewrite your first paper. You should take special care to fix problems identified by your GSI. No matter how good your original paper was, we expect the rewrite to be substantially different, and to reflect additional thinking about the topic. In many cases, the best strategy may be to start with a blank slate and rewrite the paper from the ground up (taking into account, of course, what you learned in writing the first draft). Remember, the rewrite counts for 15% of your final grade. We expect you to put almost as much time into it as you would put into writing a brand new paper.


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