Three, Pre-Class Assignments

Three, Pre-Class Assignments

Format MLA

Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)
Assignment type : Essay

The first two assignments, like all other written assignments require informal writing also called “writing to learn” for being graded for content, not writing correctness.

1. “My Story” Assignment: Here, you are to write a narrative/mini-autobiography and tell your story by describing your “leader within.” Create this description and explanation by providing your two most significant experiences, from work or home, that shaped your leadership abilities and competencies. Please tell a compelling story(ies) and consider using pictures. (Total Possible Points: Two points. One to two pages.)

Paper Format (for all but the “Scholarly Research Paper”): Use one inch margins, all the way around. Single-space lines. Straight left-hand margin/ragged right-hand margin (not full justified margin). 12 point, Times New Roman font. Insert a blank line or white space in-between paragraphs; don’t indent paragraphs. Have four pieces of information, one per line, in the upper left-hand corner: 1. (Your name.) 2. “Professor Satinder Dhiman.” 3. “WMBA 505.” 4. (Assignment’s due date.)

2. “My Values and Vision, Passions and Purpose” Assignment: By writing phrases, not sentences, list your core values. Then, in a narrative or sentences, link your values to your vision, passions, and purpose—all of which define your professional life’s mission. (Total Possible Points: Two points. One to two pages.)

3. Think of an issue or a challenge you are facing at your workplace or some issue that you have faced at your workplace before. Write 2 short paragraphs describing the issue or situation. Later, you may use this issue/situation/problem as your major project to work on during this class in lieu of the APA scholarly paper. You may want to think hard about this situation in terms of its behavioral aspects. You will be able to apply all the knowledge learned in this class in addressing that issue. More details will be shared on the first day of the class.


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