Essay Analytic Argument Length

Essay Analytic Argument Length

Assignment type : Essay

Essay Analytic Argument Length: 1500 words Topic: Using 2 of the sick roes and The Tygere by William Blake, how successfully (or not) the writers or poets deal with difficult concepts like death and power. The central purpose is to find a difficult concept that occurs in at least two of the texts we have studied so far: something that you find shocking, irritating, wrong, interesting, fruitful or whatever and provide a clear and forceful presentation your opinion and arguments for it. Special Notes: For this analytic essay will need to have at least 4 secondary sources and 2 primary sources for a total of 8 sources. You must use appropriate sources for your essay, both print and web-based sources. Here, I’m interested in HOW you situate your ideas among other scholars and the architecture of your essay


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