Ethics and Government Pricing/Spending Regulations

Ethics and Government Pricing/Spending Regulations

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Included in the uploaded files you will find an introduction to the topic to be discussed for this research assignment which is to relate to corporate and social responsibility. The body of this paper is to be 5 pages, with a font size of no more than 12pt, double spaced and APA formatting. Again…the body of paper must be 5 pages and must include a reference page also.
Ethics and Government Pricing/Spending Regulations
As an employee at USMC ServMart, everyday I see our tax money at work through military spending. Vendors working in our building that profit from this spending are GSA, Office Depot contractors, and the Manhattan Supply Company (MSC-Direct).
Once I began working at ServMart, I was hired as a material handler, in charge of receiving government managed items and issuing it out for purchase. As a single male, with no children, filing and paying income taxes doesn’t yield a huge refund for me if I get one at all so when it comes to government spending, at times it feels a bit personal. At work daily we watch different people employed with the government spending (government) money on supplies that they need for work or feel as though they need for work.
My research will be focused on ethics and government spending regulations. For a while I’ve been curious about the rules that govern spending and pricing in our building. Items that we once sold through government issue for sale were all cancelled to encourage each unit to go through their unit supply to order those items. Other items were picked up by the contractors within the building if they could to allow an instant purchase in which customers received their merchandise instantly if need be. However, my interest in this topic peaked when items taken over by contractors were brought in at a much higher price, sometimes almost triple the GSA sale price. I will review the ethics and regulations involved with the decisions made by the contractors throughout my research paper.


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