gay marriage vote

gay marriage vote

Format MLA

Volume of 825 – 1650 pages (5 pages)
Assignment type : Speech / Presentation

reflective speech

discuss your attitudes and opinions about a topic of your choice. Within this speech, you must refer to how mass media outlets/forms have helped shape such attitudes and opinions.
For example, you may feel as though you have developed a rather desensitised perspective of war and violence, and you partially attribute your views such a topic, to your exposure to TV news, action films and violent computer games.
You are expected to make reference to at least one of the following mass media forms:

– radio – music (consider genres)
– film (consider genres) – TV (consider genres)
– print news media – advertising
– the internet – social media
– computer games – magazines
4 – 5 min speech

I AM FOR gay marriage


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