Medieval timeline

Medieval timeline

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Though history is more than just the dates and facts, it helps to keep track of the dates and facts, to understand who did what, and when it was done. Each session you are required to select and describe five items for a timeline of the History of Christianity. You have some creative license with how you create or set up your timeline and the things that you choose to include. The only requirement is that there needs to be five due each session.

This activity will also help you better understand the context for your final research paper.

For each of the five points on the timeline that you choose, you must include the following:

Who – Who were the major players? (The Figures)
What – What happened? (Themes, Locus of Authority, and Terms to Know)
When – What were the dates?
Why – Why is this important? What was the impact on the history of Christianity? (Theological Challenges, Resources, and Terms to Know)

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