sports trainer

sports trainer

Assignment type : Outline
Format MLA

Volume of 1 page (275 words)
Topic: sports trainer

Objective: As an initial step in the writing process, the outline will help you organize your thoughts and determine the main points for your research paper, which is due Week 7. In addition, a well-developed outline will help you construct the abstract of your paper.
Assignment Instructions:
To prepare for this assignment, I recommend that you do the following:
Read these directions carefully.
Read the rubric. The rubric is a very detailed template that I will use to assess your performance. It also will help you understand what is expected of you as you prepare your assignment.
Message me with any questions!

The outline format: Your outline must be formatted as indicated by the bullet points listed below, and this format will be assessed in your grade:
Use an alphanumeric sequence.
Sections should be properly indented and aligned.
Follow the suggested order of the required elements.
Use brief but detailed and descriptive phrases. This will allow you to more easily flush these points out into complete sentences when it comes time to write the research paper.
The required elements: Your outline should contain the following elements in this order:
Introduction – this section must contain the following:
The name of the healthcare profession
General description about the profession
Main Body – this section must contain the following, and each main topic/section should contain a minimum of two subsections::
History of the profession
How this career has developed over the years
Education and Training:
Type and amount of schooling, internships, residencies, etc.
State/national certification or exams required
Continuing education required
Work Setting/Expectations:
Types of settings (e.g. hospitals, clinics, private practice, pharmaceutical companies, etc.)
Types of employment (e.g. employed, independent contractor, self-employed)
Types of services, duties, and responsibilities of the job
Types of patients/clients and/or types of conditions/disorders treated
Working conditions of the job
Typical wages and benefits
Employment opportunities
Future outlook of this profession
Additional Information:
Any “specialty” areas of this profession
How this career is perceived by other professionals and lay people
Any other general “pros” or “cons” that you come across in your research that is pertinent to you
Conclusion – this section must contain four to six points from your paper that sum up the main topics of the paper.
Start your conclusive section with one sentence summarizing some basic information about your chosen profession (name and general description)
Continue with a brief note about the history of the profession.
Include a brief note about the education/training.
Include a brief summary (1-2 sentences) about the work setting/expectations and pay/benefits.
Wrap up the conclusive section with a closing note that provides brief information about anything additional that stands out to you about the profession and its future in health care.
Reference Section – this section must contain the following:
Be sure to cite internal to the outline. Referencing should occur throughout the outline via parenthetical citations anytime you paraphrase or make direct quotes just as it should in your final paper.
Your outline should also include a reference page listing 5-10 credible sources researched for your outline/paper.
NOTE: Failure to properly cite references can be construed as academic dishonesty and can result in points lost to no credit on an assignment. Multiple instances of academic dishonesty may result in disciplinary action. PLEASE ask me if you have any questions on how to cite.

Please make note of the following tips and tricks:
We understand that this is a rough draft and as your research and writing continue over the next few weeks, details may be added or changed. Although you do not have to resubmit it to me, I recommend that you update this outline to help you best complete your final paper.
Write your outline so that it has detailed bullets that you can easily then flesh out into sentences for the body of your research paper (Assignment 3).
After your outline is complete, I recommend that you next draft your introductory and conclusion paragraphs. This will ensure that all the main points of the outline are incorporated in these two framing paragraphs.
Please note that less than 10% of your outline or research paper (Assignment 3) should contain direct quotes.
You must submit your Outline as a “Microsoft Word” document rather than a Word Pad, Works, etc. document; otherwise, you will not receive credit for your outline. Title your file name as SCIN360_Outline_FirstnameLastname.doc

Additional Resources:
Developing an Outline
Sample Alphanumeric Outline
APA – In-Text Citations: The Basics
APA – Reference List: Basic Rules

Evaluation: Please review the Outline Grading Rubric that describes how your outline will be graded.

Submission Instructions:
You must submit your Outline as a “Microsoft Word” document rather than a Word Pad, Works, etc. document AND title your file name as FirstnameLastname_SCIN360_Assg1.doc, otherwise, you will not receive credit for your assignment.
1.Upload your assignment for grading by clicking on the “Add Attachment” button at the bottom of the page.
2. The new screen will prompt you to click the “Browse” button so you can locate the MS Word document of your Outline on your computer.
3. Find the file and double click on it.
4. Click “Continue”.
5. Double check to ensure that your outline was successfully uploaded as an attachment.
6. When you have completed this assignment, type “Completed” in the rich text editor box below and click the “Submit” button.
7. Your outline is automatially submitted to TurnItIn with your submission


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