Acropolis–Athens, Greece

Acropolis–Athens, Greece

Format APA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper

You are to use the template provided in Blackboard. Use the resources provided for how to create a formal academic research paper and avoid the common mistakes (lack of proper format, lack of in-text citations, plagiarism, using opinion/advice in the “I” “Me” “We” or “You” tenses, typos/grammar issues, lack of depth, too few or low quality sources not in alpha order in works cited section). The research paper will include:

Section 1: Name of Attraction Overview

Description and Significance of Attraction, Attraction Geography and Climate, Host Destination Dynamics (developed, emerging/developing, struggling/political, safety, social, and economic realities that could affect tourists or tourist demand for the attraction), Transportation Systems Used to Access & Move Within the Attraction, Classification and Ownership, Key Features of the Attraction, Types of Tourism and Tourists, Key Statistics of the Attraction

Section 2: Impact, Strengths & Weaknesses of NameofAttraction

Strengths & Resources, Weaknesses & Barriers from a Social, Economic & Environmental Perspective

Section 3: Critiques & Reviews of NameofAttraction

Positive and Negative Reviews of Attraction From Industry Professionals (Professional Secret Shoppers or Professional Critics) and Tourists Themselves (Yelp, TripAdvisor).

Section 4: Tourism Personal Perspectives/Review/Final Thoughts on NameofAttraction

Using “I” tense (the only section of this paper where this is permitted), discuss whether you are more or less interested in traveling to this country and experiencing this attraction as a tourist. Why or why not? What did you learn that impressed or concerned you? Provide a ‘clever’ and thought provoking final thought about this attraction and/or surrounding destination.


Use APA format to properly cite all online, print, and graphics resources, which should be from a minimum of 8 reputable sources (i.e. not Wikipedia…use it as a starting point and go search the citations at the bottom). This includes IN-TEXT CITATIONS, and at the end, an APA WORKS CITED in alphabetical order.


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