Destiny is not denied but delayed.

Destiny is not denied but delayed.

Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : Admission / Scholarship Essay

The essay should be in three pages
An overview of my educational and life experiences; 2. What I plan to do after completing my education; 3. Why I wish to return (or not return) to my home country; 4. Description of ways have positively impacted your community.

I hope you consider why I want to Study at Berea College because of free tuition offer upon admission and the monthly ranking in the US top magazines and journals . you could search a bit about for more information.
I want this done in simple coherent english format, and the writer should put him/herself in my position because that is my real life story and struggle.
Also you have to come up with a cover page of 500-600 words and perhaps chose the bast topic from this statement.


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