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N.F.L Owners’ Unity With Players Might Be Short-Lived
The editorial, “N.F.L. Owners’ Unity with Players Might Be Short-Lived” is an article in The New York Times written by Ken Belson. Belson illustrates that president Trump criticised the N.F.L sport, and he condemned those players for kneeling and refusing to stand during the national anthem because they were opposing against racism. This article addresses the issues of racism and discrimination of players. It regards the players being told not to kneel down during the national anthem and being subjected to injustice. (Ken n.p)
From the title itself, Belson seams to lean on one side, in that the unity of the owners and players might be short-lived, this is because the owners have not done a lot in supporting players who have protested in fighting against social injustice. However, according to Ken (n.p), he states that several N.F.L team owners locked arms with their players on the sideline on Sunday when the president ridiculed and condemned players, which means that the unity of players and the owners is somehow strong. The author has not addressed several essential arguments. For example, he suggests that the owners of the N.F.L teams are a white group of people who are conservative and are billionaires, and some of them donate dollars to Trump. This suggests that the owners side with the president, hence supporting the author’s notion that the owner’s unity with their players might be a short-term one.
The same Owners who seem to side with the president have not cared for players by discouraging their players whom most of them are African American from anything which is essential to throwing passes as well as tackling. On the contrast, these owners have accepted junk science implemented by doctors sponsored by the league to support the phrase that repeated hits to the head are associated with long-term brain damage (Ken n.p). On the other hand, the owners have had issues repeatedly and publicly with players due to problems of labor, which means that these owners are siding with the players and at the same time side with the president.
Most owners here show a lukewarm stand; they apparently do not indicate which side they take. Even though some of these owners are seen to be against the kneeling during the national anthem, some of them also kneel with the players. Like in the case of Jerry Johns, who owns the Dallas Cowboys was seen kneeling with his team before the national anthem. On the opposite, he was among the owners who were vocal to prefer players to stand for the anthem. Therefore, this goes against the author’s idea that the unity of the players and owners may be short-lived (Ken n.p)
The player’s unity with the owners might not be short-lived as portrayed by the author. In the editorial, he describes seeing Jacksonville Jaguars’ owner who was the first owner to have linked arms with players on sidelines; this shows some unity with players and owners. However, Jerry johns said he would not link arms with players again in the coming weeks (Ken n.p). He might have said so because he was seen, but from the article, many owners have gone against what might disunite them from players.
Belson overlooks the opinion from owners who are billionaires by only stating views from a group of billionaires and big-dollar donors such as Trump and Jerry Johns. He further overlooks the thoughts and opinions of players who are not black. The quality of the work is up to standard in relevance to the topic because the author uses a variety of owners of the N.F.L. However, I disagree with his idea that the players’ unity with the owners may be short-lived.


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