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The case used in the calculations goes to court. You are called to give evidence on you findings from the blood spatter. What can you conclude from your finding and are the accused’s statements consistent with your findings

This week you will do calculations. Read every page of the lab and then try to carry out the calculations.
Do your best and submit your conclusion about what happened in this case.

Using the two main formulas in the lab, calculate the Area of Origin and Area of Convergence for the following case:

You are an Investigator for the State in Corrections. Two men are locked in a cell overnight. In the morning one man is dead and the other man claims he was attacked in the middle of the night by the decease, who was wielding a portion of a “broken-off” wooden mop handle. There is one area of impact on the deceased’s head. What do your calculation suggest?

Use the formulas on pages 8 and 11

Finding angle of impact

The sine of the Angle of Impact = width divided by the length.
Sin i = Width / Length of blood drop
Length of blood drops = 0.877 inch
Width of blood drop = 0.5 inches

Angle of impact = ________ ?

TAN i = H/D

i = angle of impact (from above formula)
D = distance from blood drops to area of convergence, given below
H = unknown distance above target surface
Find Area of Origin
H = TAN i * D
Angle of impact = i = (from 1st calculation) in degrees
Distance to the Area of Convergence (AOC) = D = 30 inches
H =?
What does the height from the origin of the blood tell us


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