Climate Change and the Biosphere

Climate Change and the Biosphere

Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper

Explore the impact of climate change on some aspect of the biosphere. Some ideas that you could explore include: changes in wildfires, bark beetle outbreaks, species distributions, species migration, spread of disease that has an animal vector, carbon storage, consequences of ocean acidification, species extinction, or impacts to ecosystems services (like the loss of pollinators). There are thousands of potential topics within this broad topic.

Length: 2.5 to 3 pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, one-inch margins. Cover page with your name and paper title and citation page not included in the two pages.

You will need at least three references from a peer-review journals. Peer-review journal articles can be found on the Web of Science which can be accessed through the CSU library website. Click on “Articles and Databases” on the libraries homepage and the “Web of Science” is on that page under the heading “Search a general database.”

A few key aspects of your paper: 1) you will need to make an argument (e.g. “Anthropogenic climate change is increasing the frequency and severity of mega wildfires.”), 2) you will need to paraphrase ideas from your sources — in other words put ideas from your sources into your own words, and do not quote your sources (!!!), 3) you will need to cite your sources in the text of your paper using APA style (e.g. “In the Rocky Mountains high-severity wildfires are common in high-elevation forests (Sibold et al. 2006)” OR Sibold et al. (2006) found that high-severity wildfires were common in high-elevation forests of the Rocky Mountains.”).

We will be looking for: 1) good introduction and conclusion paragraphs, 2) strong topic sentences that reflect the focus of the paragraph, 3) paragraphs that developed an idea with support (citations).


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