Engineering Project Management

Engineering Project Management

Format MLA

Volume of 9 pages (2475 words)
Assignment type : PowerPoint Presentation

1. Define the aim and objectives of a project, and examine the project management environment
within an organisation.
2. Identify the effects of projects on individuals and stakeholders and be able to develop an
effective project team within an organisation.
3. Select, apply and evaluate project management tools, techniques and methodology for the
effective and successful implementation of a project.
4. Discuss the need for good project procurement methods, contract strategies, and their
operational principles.

As a minimum, your presentation is required to have the following:
 A detailed Project Charter
 A list of stakeholders and comments about their relevance to your project
 A Work Breakdown Structure
 An Organisational Breakdown Structure
 A Resource Requirement List
 A Responsibility Matrix
 A Dependency Chart/Critical Path Analysis – including justification for durations and comments
about the critical path
 A Resource Analysis
 A Risk Management Strategy
 A Microsoft Project file/screen dump or print out
 A review of your project as though it is already completed


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