How do hotels in Hong Kong achieve and sustain competitive advantage

How do hotels in Hong Kong achieve and sustain competitive advantage

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Assignment type : Essay

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How do hotels in Hong Kong achieve and sustain competitive advantage?
Instructions: Focus of the essay – Hospitality Dynamics
1) This essay focus on ‘competitive advantage’ of the hotels in Hong Kong, hence, must in understanding of what competitive advantage is?
2) Pick two themes in two different hotels in HK (one theme, one hotel for one competitive advantage)
 Information Communications Technologies (ICT)
 Social Media
 Talent Management
 People and Experience
 Luxury
3) Explain ‘How’ do they Achieve and ‘What ‘they need to do to Sustain competitive advantage in the future on two selected themes.
4) Explain the benefit of the hotels
5) Discussion should focus on the hotels in “Hong Kong “
6) Hospitality dynamics is related to quite a lot of Marketing issues, such as Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – Benefit
Please read and follow below those of important things!
Around 1600 – 1800, no more than 2000 words excluding reference (please make the word count at the end of the report)
15 – 20 references is needed in Harvard system style (Reference page is needed to recap all the resources reviewed and applied in the report

Writing directions
Introduction – 250 words
1. Introduce two selected themes hotel (Brief)
2. Show the competitive advantage
3. Explain benefit
Main body and discussion – 1300-1400 words (600-700 words on each theme)
1. Discuss on Theme A & B
2. What is the impact on hotel
3. How to achieve and sustain it
4. What do they need to do in the future
Conclusion – 250 words
1. How effective of the hotel to achieve the competitive advantage

Sustainable competitive advantage is such as a strategic proposition that includes a sophisticated / informed knowledge of the marketplace.
Unique selling proposition is kind of the benefit for the hotel to sustain competitive advantage as its product is unique and not easy to copy for building a long term strategy


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