Islamic History

Islamic History

Format MLA

Volume of 1100 – 2200 pages (6 pages)
Assignment type : Essay

Using materials from the assigned readings and class presentations, write a focused response that critically evaluates the following hypothetical blog comment.
“Although there were some minor fluctuations within Muslim societies of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa between the initial Muslim conquests under Muhammad and the Mongol conquest of Baghdad in 1258, it is clear that on the whole, Islamic society steadily stagnated and declined throughout this period. The death of the Prophet sealed the fate of what had been fairly strong Muslim political and religious unity, which then fragmented into a hundred different kingdoms all battling with each other and their neighbors for territory, all claiming different sources of religious and political legitimacy. For the most part, all of the ‘developments’ for more than five hundred years—whether cultural, religious, artistic, intellectual, legal, economic, military, or political, etc.—did not fundamentally hamper the essential decline of Islamic society.”
It is impossible to address every point mentioned above comprehensively in such a short assignment, and you have flexibility in your approach and to what extent you agree/disagree with the above comment. However, a well-argued, focused submission will demonstrate that you understand some of the important themes discussed in our course and bring them to bear directly on the comment above by using course readings and lectures as evidence.


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