Visual Analysis

Visual Analysis

Format MLA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)
Assignment type : Essay

In a purpose-driven paper of 3 to 5 pages (double spaced), describe and analyze the two images of your choice from the three sets mentioned above. This essay asks you to move from description and summary into interpretation and analysis. Your introduction should express an idea about what you think the images mean, based on your analysis of the details you’ve noticed while studying them. Your description of the details you’ve noticed will offer evidence to the reader of your interpretation of the images’ meanings. There can be many different interpretations of an image, so your goal here is to explain what the images means to you as an observer and to demonstrate your idea to the reader by backing it up with lots of evidence (your specific observations). Since you’re looking at two images in a related set, you should also be mindful of the relationship between them. Do they complement or contradict each other? What do you gain from viewing them together? While it is acceptable to devote more time and space to the discussion of one image, it is generally expected that you will analyze both with some degree of depth in your essay.

Your paper will develop your observations and descriptions into a central idea (your thesis) by…

providing concrete and detailed descriptions of the images as evidence for your interpretation, and
carefully explaining what you interpret to be the meaning(s) of the images (ask yourself, 


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