Analytical Expository Essay

Analytical Expository Essay
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Format MLA

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)
Assignment type : Essay

“How does having a special needs child affect a family? It transforms the life of every family member for better or worse. It either makes the family stronger or breaks the bonds.” But with my other classes and full time job also causing chaos in my life, before I knew it, the deadline for this essay was here. I am going to turn it in a day late, but it would be great if someone was willing to do it! It needs a rough draft, a fishbone diagram, and the final draft as well.

Subject: Choose a topic that interests you; one that you have a connection.

Write an analytical expository essay, 1100-1300 words (at least three full pages and onto page four), with content appropriate for a college audience, and focus, development, organization, and expression appropriate for the purpose. (Follow your rubric as a guide!)

Make sure your essay has: a solid thesis statement, an introduction, body, and conclusion. You will need to use supporting details to support your idea (i.e. thesis). Make sure your thesis is the last line of your introductory paragraph; underline it. Make sure it guides your entire paper and shows analysis. Use the expository methods uploaded in class to inform your audience: description, sequence, comparison/contrast, cause and effect, and problem-solution as strategies. Only use one or two of these per essay.

1) There is NO research in this paper, so you need to come up with a unique topic and idea about the topic. Your goal is to generate new ideas from ordinary ideas and issues.

Example: Roadside Memorial

A) What is it?
B) What particular behaviors are associated with it?
C) What responsibilities come with it?
D) What hidden role does it play in people’s lives?

Example: Roadside memorials offer comfort to the people who lost a loved one, but
maybe a better tribute would be to honor that person by purchasing
an “Adopt-A-…..” sign.

Consult with two more people and get their ideas about the topic. Then, from these thoughts… create a “new idea/ aspect” that’s yours.

2) Develop your thesis statement. Your thesis statement will be an Idea– Thought about
that idea. {Think of the “thought about that idea” as your unique twist, connection, or spin that moves the topic forward.}

3) Next, design a fishbone diagram. (with A LOT of detail)

4) Put your fishbone diagram into an outline. Use the outline template and format given out in class. Make sure you are indenting and adding supporting details. (2-3 pages)

5) Write the first draft of your rough draft. Make sure you pay attention to the following:
Use 12 pt. Times Roman, 1” margins, double space (reformat in Word) (3-4 pages)
A) Thesis = idea — thought about that idea.
B) Paragraphs- use one or more expository methods to get your point across.
C) Stick to 3rd and 1st person; no second person! 80/20 rule- 80% 3rd person and 20% 1st.
D) Check for writer’s voice- use figurative language, details, and vary sentence length.
E) Add vitality- combine sentences, repeat structures, intensify verbs.



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