Coast scene with Euopa and the Bull

Coast scene with Euopa and the Bull

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Format MLA

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Assignment type : Essay

write an essay about the artwork coast scene with Europa and the bull only using the visual elements handout and the museum assignment handout
Museum Assignment

Today, you are the critic. You get to explain how the artwork you are choosing exhibits the qualities of design.
Please take a few minutes to browse the museum. Notice the layout of the space, how it is organized, how the curators want you to examine the work and the techniques they have used in order to allow you to “see” better. A museum is a library of visual information. Be respectful in your looking. You are gaining knowledge with each picture. Look for things that are suspicious in paintings (such as damage, restoration, age problems). This is an exercise in looking, seeing and verbalizing on paper.
Give the name of the museum in your opening paragraph. This is primarily a FORMAL ANALYSIS as we have practiced in class. Start with a description of the content as an introduction then move onto the FORM for the rest of your paper.
Choose one work of art and label it.
You will start by telling what medium the work is and how it is displayed/exhibited in the space.
You will then write about the formal properties that you have learned in class. Space, Texture (real and implied), Contrast, Color, Shape, Perspective, Balance, Line and Iconography. There are of course many other things you could discuss in your critique. Use your VISUAL ELEMENTS handout. Please examine the work closely. DO NOT TOUCH. You must decide whether this work deserves to hang in such an important collection of work and why or why not? . I want concrete reasons. Sum up your judgement in the last paragraph. You MUST think critically throughout the paper. Write enough for two and a half to three double-spaced typed pages to hand in. No larger than 12 point font.  


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