Slave Uprisings

Slave Uprisings

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Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : Essay
Essential Elements of Your Paper:
* Your paper should be at least three pages in length. It should be double-spaced, typed, and written in 12-point font. Your paper should use standard margins.
* Your paper should include analysis of two of the primary source documents posted on iCollege.
* You should link your documents through a common theme or a set of themes.
* Your paper should include background information and context from Give Me Liberty!
* Your paper should be written in Microsoft Word, and it must be submitted to iCollege through dropbox. Printed papers and papers submitted via e-mail will not be accepted.
* At the top of the first page, you should include your name, the title of the class (U.S. History), the course number (HIST 2110), and section number. This information should be single spaced and not double spaced to stretch out the length of your paper.
* Do not add additional spaces between paragraphs to lengthen your paper.
* Your paper must be thoroughly documented. You must use footnotes or endnotes, and they must be in MLA Style as described in class and in the citation guide posted on iCollege.
* You must include a Works Cited page that conforms to MLA Style. The Works Cited page does not count toward the length of the paper. The paper must be three pages in length and include an additional Works Cited page (or a fourth page).
* You should only use primary source documents we have discussed in class. If we have not discussed a document by the time the paper is due, do not use it.
* Your essay should begin with and introduction that includes an overview of your paper and the documents you are going to discuss. You should also describe the overall theme or set of themes that link the documents together.
* Your paper should have a conclusion in which you sum up your major points. You may also discuss what you learned by writing your paper, or speculate about the overall meaning of the issues your paper raised. Your conclusion should be based on evidence and not only on personal opinions.
* Avoid lengthy quotations. Do not quote “facts.” Rather, summarize (and document) facts. Quotes are best used in instances where and author or document states something in a dramatic way.
* Your paper should have good grammar, spelling, and structure.

Paper Overview
Throughout the semester, we will read and discuss primary sources that have been posted on iCollege. The documents have introductions that place them in the proper context and provide background and context. Eric Foner’s textbook, Give Me Liberty!: An American History, provides additional information.
Your assignment is to compose an essay in which you explore the major themes and issues in at least two primary source documents that we read and discuss in class. Your essay should be three to five pages in length.
Specifics: The essay should be focused on analysis of two of the primary source documents that are posted on iCollege. You should link these documents together through a common theme or set of themes. The documents and the dates we will discuss them are listed in the syllabus. You should only include documents that we have discussed in class (if we have not discussed a document by the paper’s due date, then you should not include it in your paper). You are required include historical information – for background and context – from Foner, Give Me Liberty!
Objective: This assignment is designed to help you explore key issues in the history of the United States and to give you experience working with primary sources.
Sources and Citation: Use only material from the documents on iCollege or the textbook, Give Me Liberty!, for this assignment. Do not use outside material, particularly web sites or other Internet-based sources. Failure to abide by this requirement will result in a significant loss of points, and, if such material is not cited, charges of plagiarism. All papers will be analyzed by the plagiarism detection service
In this assignment you will follow MLA Style for citation. A guide for how to cite in this format has been posted on iCollege and will be reviewed in class.
Format: Your essay should begin with a brief introduction that includes a description of the two documents you have chosen and a discussion of the common theme (or set of themes) that connect these documents. Your essay also should include a body, or several paragraphs where you provide examples from the documents, and also background and analysis from Give Me Liberty! Your essay should have a conclusion in which you sum up the main points of your paper, discuss what you learned, or speculate about the overall meanings of the history you have explored. A Rubric that describes the criteria for grading, and a list of “Essential Elements for Your Paper” are posted on the iCollege site for this class.
How to Submit Your Paper: You must upload your essay as a Microsoft Word attachment to the iCollege site via dropbox. Do not e-mail your paper to your professor. Do not bring a printed version of your paper to class.
Note: The paper is 30 percent of your final grade.

Rewrites: Students will have the option of revising their papers based on comments by the professor. The revised papers must show significant improvement. The revised paper and the original paper will be averaged together. The average will be the final paper grade. If students do not wish to revise their papers, then the original grade will be the final paper grade. Submitting a revised paper is voluntary


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