Writing a Script

Writing a Script

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Writing a Script (24 points)

You may have seen a version of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde either in a movie or on television. There are several film adaptations of the novella. Additionally, there are many films, stories, and even cartoons that are inspired by Stevenson’s tale without actually retelling the full story of Jekyll and Hyde.

Two of my favorite adaptations of the story are listed below. The cartoon can be found on the Internet with a quick search. The movie is available for rent or purchase from stores and libraries.

“Hyde and Go Tweet” by Warner Brothers Cartoons, featuring Mel Blanc as the voices of Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird

The Nutty Professor, originally made in 1963 starring Jerry Lewis
To complete this unit, you’ll be writing your own adaptation of the Jekyll and Hyde story as a script that could be performed as a play. Begin by listing the characters with brief descriptions and setting the scene. You will only need to write one scene from your story, so you do not need to tell the entire story.

Your scene should follow the basic plot of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The mood of the scene is up to you, but be sure that your stage directions and dialogue fit the mood you choose (serious, funny, scary, etc.). No matter the style you choose, elements of your story should obviously relate to the Jekyll and Hyde story. Some dialogue or actions from your script should foreshadow the resolution, even if your scene does not reveal the outcome of the play.

Read the opening of Macbeth on pages 308-309 in Literature Texas Treasures: British Literature to review a style of script-writing. Note the specific descriptions given in stage directions and settings for each scene. Some scripts also put notes about how the actor should deliver his lines. These notes would appear in italics and brackets, as the stage directions are shown in the Shakespearean excerpt.
Write the script for a scene from your version of Jekyll and Hyde that includes the following elements:

at least one full page, no more than three pages;
character list (you may use the names of the characters from the story or create your own);
description of setting;
stage directions and notes as needed;
script style as shown on pages 308-309;
use of foreshadowing.
Students, please understand that you are NOT to simply copy text from the novella and turn it into a script. You must write your own adaptations. Some of the characters may stay the same, but they must be different enough from the novella to be considered your own work. Be creative! Think of something new!


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