Ancient Andean Archaeology

Ancient Andean Archaeology

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The archaeology of South America continues to surprise us – revealing dates, beliefs, cultural adaptations, and historical processes that were not anticipated by archaeologists just a few decades ago. This is why continued archaeological research is so important. It allows for a more holistic (well-rounded or complete) understanding of the past.

Based on our discussions and readings about South American and the Central Andean region – up to and including the beginning of complex society (through the Early Horizon) – what do you consider to be the most fascinating surprises that archaeology has revealed? How does the South American past differ from what was expected, and why are these surprising developments sointeresting and relevant for understanding how humans thrived in this fascinating continent?

You must select and discuss at least two examples of the unexpected developments providing as much information as possible regarding each example. This includes dates/time frame, region or area, cultural remains, archaeological sites, archaeological findings, researcher arguments and interpretations (past and present), etc. Develop your answer to display the breadth and depth of your knowledge. Describe actual archaeological information and the ways it is interpreted, considering how and why the apparent reality of the past differs from what archaeologists of only a few decades ago thought.

Submit you answer to the three part question (list of surprising new understandings of the Andean past, with intensive discussion of at least two of these) in written form. Try to limit yourself to about 6 pages of text, although you may include additional pages of maps and illustrations, and you must include a bibliography of references cited (as specified in our class syllabus). Your text should consist of a standard type face, like Times Roman 12 point, double-spaced, with one inch margins around the page. Put your name and a page number on every page, using the header or footer function. Be sure that you cite class presentations and assigned readings in your paper. Library books and professional journals are also excellent sources. However, use the internet ONLY to supplement professional academic sources, especially our assigned readings. Answers based primarily on internet materials will be treated very critically.


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