Applied Ethics Presentation

Applied Ethics Presentation

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Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : PowerPoint Presentation

Prepare an applied ethics presentation (12-15 slides, with speaker notes) on an ethical issue related your academic discipline, program, or area of study or interest. Select an ethical dilemma topic for analysis and evaluation from one of the Topic 8 articles, or the Issues & Controversies and Opposing Viewpoints databases. (You may select an alternative topic from a different database or website with instructor approval.) Be sure to address all of the following in your slide presentation.
1.Outline both sides of the debate. Address all relevant issues associated with your topic. Note both positive and negative arguments concerning each side of the issue.
2.State the topic in terms of an ethical debate/dilemma (within your academic discipline, program, or area of study or interest). Relate the issue to at least two ethical theories and/or thinkers discussed in the course (one of which must be Kant and the Categorical Imperative). Propose how each ethical theory and/or thinker presumably would response to the ethical dilemma.
3.Incorporate applicable biblical, theological, philosophical, and/or historical Christian ethical norms or principles that bear (or may well have a bearing) on the ethical dilemma.
4.Utilize an ethical decision-making model in helping to determine your ethical position vis-à-vis a step-by-step process. Review “Making Ethical Decisions” located in the Topic 8 materials.
5.Give your own well-argued and reasonably supported conclusion regarding the ethical debate, including specific moral actions envisioned from your conclusion.

Be sure to limit the background information of the debate. The presentation should focus on the ethical questions and dilemma involved.

Include a minimum of four academic references, which may include course materials and additional academic sources.



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