Communication Theory

Communication Theory

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Assignment type : Essay

Let’s brainstorm the topic prior to writing.

8 sentence paragraphs, no less.
Theory in Action Papers – This paper will be 2-3 pages in length and will identify your observation of a theory in everyday life.

Choose from the following theories:

Symbolic Interaction
Uncertainty Reduction
Social Information Processing
Communication Privacy Management
Organizational Culture

You will briefly describe an incident or experience from your own life, describe the relevant aspects of the theory, and then discuss how you see the theory applying to your own experiences. Make sure you clearly and accurately describe the relevant theory, and analyze how it applies to the example you use.

***Make sure you Describe theory well, and EXPLICITLY apply the theory to your example – e.g., “when my boyfriend told me he needed more space, that demonstrated we were struggling with the ….dialectic”

Note: When citing the text, please cite Griffin et al. –  Feel free to copy the APA style citation from the syllabus for your reference page. (You SHOULD be citing the textbook in this paper!)



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