Criminology theory

Criminology theory
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Format APA
Volume of 750 – 1000 pages (4 pages)
Assignment type : Research Paper

Description choose either “Cultrural Deviance theory” or “General theory of crime”. You must document my paper using criminology’s standard citation method ,APA. In text citations and 3 sources one may be from the text , and one from journal article.
3&4 pages 12-pt times new Roman font , double-spaced.
I. Intro
II. Body
A. Choose theory
1. Background detail on theory 1/2 page
B. Journal article one
1. Detailed information regarding its supports the theory ( 1 1/2 – 2 pages).
C. Journal article 2
1. Detailed info regarding its criticism of the theory (1 1/2 to 2 pages).
D. Crime Control
1. Detailed info answering the ? “ should this theory be considered when creating crime control policies ( 1or 2 paragraphs )
III. Conclusion – one paragraph
IV. Works cited page


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