Plato’s Idea of the Good

Plato’s Idea of the Good

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Format MLA

Volume of 3 pages (825 words)
Assignment type : Term paper

1) The paper has to be an original and personal reflection on Plato’s Idea of the Good.
2) Introduction: DON’T write “Plato was a Greek
– Shows what you are going to be talking about in
the paper.
– Thesis: Support it
3) Paper has to be in the first person. DO NOT use
the word “I” more than two times per page.
– If needed to use “I” more than twice, substitute
I for qualifications.
4) Refer to Plato’s text and show premises,
arguments, and conclusions that Plato has.
– Quotes: from Plato’s “Republic”
– Quotations: no longer than 4 lines, references
either in footnotes or end (choose one).
– Example of footnote reference for book:
(Author, Title “in Italics”, Publishing Press, Year,
Page #)
5) Paper MUST CONTAIN TWO arguments of your
OWN and two counterarguments. You MUST
ALSO REPLY to those counterarguments.
6) Paper MUST CONTAIN examples that are
persuasive (don’t use examples only from text)
7) Conclusion: MUST BE your march of glory
– Wrap up by saying what you have achieved or
managed to convince the reader of )



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