Written Assignment

Written Assignment

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Format APA
Volume of 7 pages (1925 words)
Assignment type : Essay

This course has focused on aspects of educational leadership. Review the sections in Chapter 6 related to the qualities and skills of educational leaders. Use this information and other resources to develop a 7-10 page paper (with at least 6 references) that answers this question: What does education today demand of leaders? In your paper, select three to five of the topics we have covered in this course related to responsibilities and issues leaders must address. Begin with an overview introduction detailing the topics you will cover. Briefly describe each issue, including a description and most important points related to it. Then relate the skills, characteristics, and traits leaders need to demonstrate to address each issue. Finally, write a conclusion that analyzes these qualities that educational leaders must have today.
Remember, your paper should be 7-10 pages in length, not including title page and references (at least 6 references) which is longer than papers written up to this point. It is highly recommended you use the Writing Studio (Consultation form is in the Readings folder) so allow for submission and for before the deadline.

There are 11 areas leaders need to focus on in order to make improvements; “Have a positive impact on student learning and the classroom. Connect district, school, and staff development plans. Encourage bold and creative undertakings. Provide vision and encouragement. Ensure adequate resources. Rethink and re-create schools. Keep everyone informed about research and practice. Attract powerful constituents for support. Make technology a driving force. Measure performance. Implement improved approaches.” (text, p.70)

-School policies are often the biggest barrier to change
-communication, collaboration, and teamwork are critical for the overall development and effectiveness of a successful educational leader.



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