healthcare in Canada

healthcare in Canada

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Format APA

Volume of 1100 – 2200 pages (6 pages)
Assignment type : Research Proposal


Country Health Care Analysis – Paper and Presentation
The paper for the course will involve a particular country’s health care system. The purpose of this paper
to examine alternative models of health care delivery, gain a better understanding of the pros and cons
of other models and share your findings with the class. You will present a summary of your findings via a
PowerPoint slide presentation
Paper/Presentation requirements:
 Choose country from one of categories under models/countries below (all 4 model categories to
be covered, instructor approval required)
 Length: 6-8 double spaced pages (apart from title page, tables/graphs, exhibits, sources)
 At least 3 reference sources including at least 1 journal article (APA citations)
 Due not later than Friday midnight of the sixth week.
 Summary PowerPoint presentation with audio (due along with paper).
o Broad overview focused main features of the health care system compared to that of
the U.S.
o 8-10 minute presentation
o Suggest 8 to 10 slides S
o Suggest bullet points
o Audio explanation of points and slide content (more than simply reading of points!)
o Graphs/Tables encouraged
o Your presentation will be available for other students to view and comment on
Choose one of the following alternative model/countries (from one of categories – instructor approval
 “Bismark Model” – Examples: Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan (providers and payers are
private – Plans are NFP)
 “Beveridge Model” – Examples: Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Cuba (health care provided and
financed by government – as with the U.S. VA)
 “National Health Care Model” – Examples: Canada, Taiwan, S. Korea (providers are private, gov’t
is payer)
 “Out-of-Pocket Model” – Examples: India, Egypt, China, Mexico (most medical care paid by
patient – note 17% of health care expenditure in U.S. is out of pocket!)
The following short You Tube presentations by Healthcare Triage provide an overview of features of
various country health care systems. Note: these videos are for overview/introductory purposes only;
facts presented here are not checked, may be biased, and should be supported/validated by your own
research!). Do explore other sources for your chosen country of interest
 Australian Health Care 6:58
 Healthcare in Germany 7:27
 Healthcare in Singapore 8:13
 Healthcare in England 6:12
 The Healthcare System of France (5.43)
 Canada’s Healthcare System Explained (7.25)
The following is a suggestion to areas that you could cover in your paper:
 Background
o History and evolution of the country’s healthcare system
o Basics of how the system works
 Outline of major players in health care system including:
o Who Provides health care?
 Hospitals, clinics, home visits?
o Who pays for health care?
 Insurers, patients, government?
 Quality
o % of population covered
o equity (re who receives care – income disparity)
o Outcomes
 e.g. life expectancy
 infant mortality
 average wait
 Patient satisfaction
o Doctors per capita
o Employment of latest technologies
o Focus on preventive medicine?
 Economic factors (required)
o In terms of GDP (% of GDP represented by health care expenditures)
o Cost (avg. for individual/Family /copays
o Who pays (individual, company, government)
o Prescription coverage (covered?, relative costs of drugs?)
o Impact on government finances (is current system straining budgets?)
o Physician income (compared to other professions?)
o Malpractice factors
o Profit vs. NFP aspects of industry (hospitals, insurers)
o Trends in costs
 Choice
o How people choose doctors/providers
o Traditional vs. non-traditional remedies.
 Industry market characteristics (degree of concentration, monopoly power?)and effects on costs
and access (required).
o Providers
o Hospitals
o Insurers
 Trends
o New technologies
o Challenges and Opportunities
o Other
 Comparative Analysis – Conclusions
o What are the largest benefits and drawbacks of the health care system you researched
o What aspects if any in the country’s health care system would you like to see more of in
U.S. system? Why?



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