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Bank Al Jazira’s Customer and Technical Requirements
In today’s hyper-competitive financial industry, Al Jazira is facing immense pressure to develop and maintain customer-friendly service structure. The customers’ engagement in the service design and execution process has been increasing due to their authority to select or reject certain services (Gebauer & Kowalkowski, 2012). Al Jazira’s competitive strategies may become obsolete and ineffective if they don’t fit well with the ever-evolving demands and needs of the customers. Thus, Al Jazira needs to adopt a systematic approach to identify customers’ requirements and the most relevant technical requirements to meet those needs. This process could help Al Jazira in competitively designing its service structure.
As per the current situation, every customer wants to have the personalized services. The days are gone when the customers didn’t mind in standing in queues to withdraw or deposit funds. Today, they need fast and customized services (Salvador, Holan, & Piller, 2009) to stay with AL Jazira. One of the three most important customer requirements is that the customers need information regarding their banking transactions on regular basis. Second, they need short waiting times. Third, each customer wants to have individual attention. These three different requirements need to be responded by Al Jazira to maintain and expand its existing market share. Thus, it needs to identify the technical requirements having the potential to meet these needs. First, the bank needs to launch SMS service to notify customers about their banking transactions. Second, the bank needs to upgrade and expand its call center services for offering rapid customer services and giving enough time to each customer. Third, the employees are needed to be trained to treat each customer as an individual and offer highly supportive service. These requirements will make the service design more customer-friendly. The technical requirements will enhance the effectiveness of the service design and enable it to keep the customers satisfied, which ultimately stimulate the positive word-of-mouth marketing and boost the financial bottom line.
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Post 2 :
Involvement of customers is essential for the success of any organization or business. Their requirement should be explored and met in terms of every process step by hearing their voice and understanding their main concerns. It is required to collect data in order to diagnose and analyze the quality of the service and products by establishing a well-structured method, the house of quality. The main function of the house of quality is to establish a relationship between the customer and technical requirements (Stevenson, 2015).
Bank Aljazira began in 1975 after taking over the branches of the National Bank of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia. Since that time, Bank Aljazira has been facing large competition with other banks in Saudi Arabia. Bank Aljazira has tried to implement new strategies to fulfill the customers’ requirements from time to time (Bank Aljazira Annual Report, 2016).
In general, three main customers’ requirements that bank Aljazira should take into consideration in order to have a competitive advantage in the banking services sector. First, becoming more focused on customers and paying them more attention. The more that bank takes care of its customers, the more it will be able to retain them and gain their loyalty. Second, nowadays, the customers would like to have more digital banking services to save time and avoid long lines every time they require banking services. Third, customers would like to be updated about the new banking services and their daily banking activities by using the modern banking technologies (Larsson et al., 2017).
Bank Aljazira should design and provide automated banking services and mobile apps to meet its customers’ requirements and satisfaction. Bank Aljazira should also enhance the financial consulting services to provide financial advice and plans to the customers on regular basis. Moreover, Bank Aljazira should design a special program in collaboration with local stores, coffee shops, and restaurants to provide discounts and reward points to its customers (Larsson et al., 2017).

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Stevenson, W, J. (2015). Operations Management (12th ed.). 2 Penn Plaza, New York. McGraw- Hill Education.

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Post 3 :
The Government of every developed nation and on a pre-dominant basis in the recent time the developing nations are vigilant about the health of the residents. Especially in the existent consumer market, there is always a risk of duplicates and adulterated goods and services bartered for the greed of earning higher margins. Hence, there is an inherent necessity for laying down standards to be compiled in order to deliver effectively and quality goods as well as services that translate to value for money.
In case of food items, Manakeesh is one of the most famous and has standard inputs being whole wheat flour, salt, yeast and vegetable oil. According to the standards in Middle East fortification of wheat has been introduced as early as 1990 (Baharin standard 194/1994). Fortification can be explained as the process of adding minerals and vitamins to wheat to avoid malnutrition. As for the vegetable oil CODEX norms apply for labeling the vegetable oil, the specific standard would be number 210. The standard requires many declarations to be added in the labeling as to the origin, hydrogenation, and refining of the oil. The average present market rates of the basic ingredients would be as tabulated below

Similarly, in the foray of services, the services of a public accountant though may be argued to vary based on a client are standardized as to the professionalism expected to be demonstrated. The standards of service are prescribed by the “Emirates Institute Certified Public Accountant”. The institute offers accreditation to other professional bodies in service and oversees the compliance of the members as well as bodies corporate to the ethics and professional standards laid down. Though the rate charged for service cannot be classified as strictly similar, guideline values are provided. In short, we could summarise that the body governs the services in the field of an accountant by the implementation of its Member code of conduct and corporate code of conduct.
Hence, we can safely conclude that standards are required for regulating the quality of a product/service and moving towards standardization is a necessary step for each government for offering the better quality of life to its residents.
Al-Akra, M., Abdel-Qader, W., & Billah, M. (2016). Internal auditing in the Middle East and North Africa: A literature review. Journal of International Accounting, Auditing and Taxation, 26, 13-27
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Post 4 :
Standard Cost in Saudi Arabia
Most business in Saudi Arabia applies the standard cost principles to establish how much the product is estimated in terms of production. The approach of this principle is based on the settings a budget cost per unit. These estimations help the providers of the product to achieve good performance in terms of operations efficiency and profitability. Therefore, standard costing aids management in making correct predictions and provides a framework for judging business performance. For the case in Saudi Arabia industries, the standard costing is more suitable on industries sector which specializes on electricity services, oil refineries and agriculture. This is because the process that is being involved in production uses method where the production and nature of output are the same and the services industries operating repetitive method for products homogenous which is in case of agricultures (Kumar, 2017).
From above we understand that standard costing brings advantages for above dictated industries due to the following reasons: makes control cost more facilitated since it uses effective tools that involve planning production costs. Moreover, it gives guidance to the management the production status and price policies with certainty which yields that management can make decisions regards areas of profits. Also, it will guide supervisors to implement strategies on operations that use men and machine equipment effectively and economically. Finally, the method can be easily reported to management with meaningful data for the interpretation, analysis and operations. However, there are some limitations that need to be considered. Setting of standards is a very difficult task. It requires a lot of scientific studies such as time-study, motion- study, fatigue study etc. and therefore it is very costly. Small firms may find it very difficult to operate such system. In addition the method can be strongly opposed by managers in case of freedom of actions. Standards may sometimes create adverse psychological effects on managers and workers, who are operating the system (Kumar, 2017).
Since the majority of the joint venture companies in Saudi Arabia were found to emphasize profit as their major goals with considerations of the sever competions within the Saudi markets, it is therefore, requiring costing controlling as the options for industries to compete. This can be done by top managers who implement successful strategy in standard costing (Alnamri, 1993). The suggested strategies named by Johnston Kevin will add a number of internal and external advantages. The first strategy is to set a budget for a production following with marginal maintaining on bulk orders. Then performance targets is planned to be achieved providing that prices of products to be revised each time (Johnston, 2017).

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