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Format MLA
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Volume of 2 pages (550 words)
In both of these articles content creators have used new media in combination with traditional media. Why do you think they do this? Do you think this is effective? Why or why not?
Do you agree or disagree with the notion that audiences don’t care about distribution platforms and that therefore “the content creator is king”? Explain why or why not.

Are you aware of any other examples of traditional media and new media working together to promote an entertainment product or service (e.g., billboards and radio ads to help sell new music available on a streaming service)? If so, summarize or share a link.

How do you think independent content creators can make money using new media in combination with traditional media?

Whenever possible in your discussion post, use terminology that is relevant to the discussion in general, and that applies specifically to your discussion topic.

Research is not required, but if you represent the thoughts, ideas, words, or images of others be sure to give credit and cite your sources by indicating the author, date, title, and website link where this information was found.


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