Recent draft:Health and Fitness Industry in Nigeria (Project)

Health and Fitness Industry in Nigeria (Project)

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Total maximum word count 12100 words 44 pages (double spaced, 275 words per page)
Style: Harvard
UK English

Example chapter 1

Draft outline: Health and Fitness Industry in Nigeria (Project)

Chapter 1 Introduction and Background (1200words)
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background to the study
The research problem
Rationale (reason for the study)
1.3 Aims and objectives of the study
Writer will consider these objectives
Aims and Objectives
• Identify the potential gaps in the evolving health and fitness sector in Nigeria
• To increase fitness and health in Nigeria by at least 10% within 5 years
• Acquire 350+ members by the first year of operation
• To help every customer attain their goal within 12months and encourage fitness as a lifestyle there after.
• Engage and integrate all gym facilities and start an Association which will govern and approve every gym in Nigeria in order to make available online data and information’s for research and obtain a market value for its industry.
• To examine what factors influence active and non-active gym members in their decision making process of selecting a gym
• To attract non gym members
• To effectively use digital marketing in the promotion and development of Health and fitness in the country
• Position “Power house” as a Health and Fitness brand
1.4 Research questions
Research Questions:

1.5 The relevance of the study
1.6 Structure of the dissertation

Chapter 2 Literature review (4500words)
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Conclusion
Chapter 3 Research methods (1500 words)

3.1 Introduction
. Research purpose
3.2 The research framework
3.3 Research philosophy and perspective
3.4 Research Approach adopted
3.5 Qualitative vs. Quantitative study
To Describe both qualitative method or quantitative analysis
3.6 Research methods used- primary and secondary research methods
Writer will Consider the following information
The research will consist of both secondary research of working top UK/US gym franchise models and operations and adopting some strategy and adding my own plan and strategy which are contained in my Proposal (stating what i plan on doing differently) and “primary research” to be conducted amongst the target market of the area to ascertain gym goers and potential customers and also interview on gym Managers in the UK and Nigeria.

3.7 Sampling method
3.8 Data analysis
Use either qualitative method or quantitative analysis
3.9 Validity and reliability- triangulation
To Describe triangulation
To Apply to this study
3.10 Ethical concerns
3.11 Limitations and delimitations of the study
3.12 Conclusion

Chapter 4 Data Findings and Presentation of Results (1000 words)
4.1 Introduction
4.2Interview results in tables based on the research objectives

Chapter 5 Data analysis and Discussion (3000 words)
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Overview
5.3. Discussion of the specific objectives

Chapter 6 Conclusions and Recommendations (1000 words)
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Conclusions
6.3. Implications of the study
6.4. Recommendations
Appendix 1:

Required 30 to 40 sources (Mainly recent sources between 2005 to 2015)

Example on how to write chapter 1

1.1 Introduction
According to the report presented by (xxxxxxxx), Civil Defense is mostly a system that has been put in place by many governments to help the citizens of these countries in supporting the armed forces and the police departments in issues that are concern with crisis situations. Additionally, (xxxxxx) presented that while many factors reduce the chances of disasters like the wars in the world, the world has been exposed to new challenges such as natural calamities, human caused disasters and terrorism. These problems have resulted to loss of human life, destruction of valuable properties and ultimately destabilizing the natural human life (xxxxx). From this reports, Civil defense can be applied in a number of contexts that can be used to describe it. Many countries have been experiencing challenges that develop from the mentioned calamities. These challenges have made different authorities in the world to develop systems that have tried to mitigate the damages that might have began from these disasters (XXXXX). Several organizations within the world have come together through conferences and made up a system that is now identified as the Civil Defense (xxxxxxx). For this paper, civil defense is described as measure that is designed to deal with immediate emergency (xxxxxxx). Civil defense can also be described as the conditions that surround the protection of the public and restoring vital services that have been put down by disasters (Disaster Management Institute, 2014). Furthermore, these are organizations that are put together are tasked with ensuring the public is always warned of any dangers and that they provide with instructions to avoid disasters (xxxxxxx).
Civil defense is hence concerned with providing defense, instructions and relief services to survivors of the disasters that may have occurred (xxxxx). On the other note, civil defense is the act of protecting civilian populations against dangers, help in recovery from the effects and hostilities that provide necessary tips for survival (xxxxxxxx).
1.2 Background to the study
The Qatari Ministry of Interior (MoI) describes the origins and evolutions of civil defense in the country in a number of ways (xxxxxx). The Qatari government had an extinguishing police section that was formed in the year 1955 to include a small number of police staff and relevant equipment to making responses to disasters (xxxx). According to the MoI, Qatar has grown tremendously, especially in the construction sector that has seen a boom (xxxxx). From this reports by xxxxxxxx, MoI has estimated that there is a subsequent increase in the size of buildings and establishments. With a booming construction sector, Qatar needs a fire fighting capability that was generally realized in the 1970s which will include training individuals on fire fighting, rescue operations, ambulance services and civil defense activities (xxxxxx). Besides these, the MoI also added that the civil defense systems did propose an increase n the equipment and resources for the civil forces (xxxxxx). As of 1991, the extinguishing police sector of Qatar had changed its name to the Civil Defense Department that was then put into action by the decree number 8. (xxxxx).
According to the literature presented by (xxxxxxx), in 2005, the MoI again changed the name from civil defense department to the General Directorate of Civil Defense that noted its name in the decree number 38. with an intention to transform the country (Qatari Ministry of Interior, 2014).
Telegraphic reports presented by (xxxxxxx) have shown that the world is getting concerned with the level of disaster preparedness of Qatar and the countries preparedness for major events such as the FIFA World Cup to be held in the year 2022. This has been caused by the recent deaths of persons in fires around the country such as the death of the triplets at the Venice-Themed Villagio Mall in Doha in the year 2013 (xxxxxxx). From the reports, it is clear that the emergency exits of the mall was blocked from the outside, causing a vivid problem for the firefighters to access the building and the people in the mall to be rescued in time (xxxxxx). Reports from (xxxxxxxxx) further show that news agencies, social media platforms and other concerned parties took note of the response by the fire department and the MoI in different fires. These reactions thereby show that such strange responses by the fire department have not been efficient in saving the lives of people and the properties in the affected buildings yet this department is next door to these buildings and the malls. This therefore brings into the question of efficiency of the fire department of the Ministry of Interior of Qatar.
1.3 The research problem
Civil defence is a relevant security measure for the citizens of the different countries within the world. From the definition of the terms civil security, it is evident that the governments of different countries have set up institutions that are to play defence on several factors that are a threat to its citizens. This includes institution such as; fire fighting institutions; disaster management institutions; response teams on disasters and the institutions that are concern with the survivors of a disaster. Taking Qatar for instance, the fire fighting department has had criticism over the last few years on its response to the increasing number of fires in the country. Many deaths have been reported from the fires. From this, it is evident that the fire defence department has areas that need far much studying so as to ascertain the problems within the defence department and also the come up with solutions to the problems. This research dissertation therefore seeks to highlight the civil defence systems in Qatar , the effectiveness of these systems and also find out on the role played by these defence departments in disaster management protocols. The paper will focus on the fire fighting department.
1.4 Rationale (reason for the study)
A string of fires has raged several places in Qatar in the recent past, which has made the international bodies to heavily criticize the Qatari government on the response tactics, especially at a point when the country is about to host the football world cup in 2022. A case is the Doha Mall fire in 2012 in which 19 people die. This led to an increased criticism of the response made by the fire department. The country is also about to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, which is an event that will see Qatar host a significant number of people from very many countries. This response to fires that are now noted occurring in hot seasons is now a point of concern to the researcher. This research therefore seeks to evaluate the fire department and the claims that have been alleged against the department. The paper furthermore seeks to determine how the Qatari government can improve on the department and have a significant reduction in these fire cases.
1.5 Aims and objectives of the study
The aims and objectives of the proposed paper will therefore include the following:
a. To assess the role and current state of civil defense within Qatar.
b. To identify the major threats faced by Qatari civil defense (e.g. potential for LNG/Gas disaster; hot weather and impact on frequency of fires).
c. To assess the quality of firefighting in Qatar using relevant case studies.
d. To provide recommendations for improvement.
1.6 Research questions
The main research questions for this study therefore included the following:
a. What is the role and current state of civil defense within Qatar?
b. What are the major threats faced by Qatari civil defense?
c. How is the quality of firefighting in Qatar?

1.7 Research hypotheses
For this dissertation, the author used a directional type of hypothesis that had an outcome that was expected at the end of the study. The researcher stated that improved safety of citizens is dependent on the Qatari civil defense’s proper and timely reaction to disasters.
1.8 The relevance of the study
This study is of critical relevance to the authorities of Qatar as it will be significant in suggesting new schemes that will add inherent advantages to the Qatari vision for 2030 especially in disaster management. As reported by (xxxxxx), Qatar is a country prone to fire disasters especially in the dry seasons. Therefore, the study will suggest new ideas that will involve development of training programs for the firefighters on disaster preparedness mechanisms. The research will also be important as it will furthermore offer suggestions to the concerned authorities on mechanisms to fund the programs that deal with disaster management to ensure efficient response mechanisms. The study will provide significant contributions to development of capacity building mechanisms that will help the government of Qatar to develop grass root structures for disaster management. Furthermore, from the study, new ideas will be introduced for disaster management which will be important in reducing the losses of lives of citizens and the subsequent losses of property. This will therefore solve the problems associated with the recurring of the disasters in Qatar.



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