Computer Network

Computer Network

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Related to computer networking. Need the diagrams and answers as per the question. Its nothing like writing essay, no minimum words. its not an essay writing. All practical things.
Project description
Design an Ethernet LAN for level 5, building D Footscray Campus, Victoria University.
D5 floor plan can be downloaded from the moodle.
• Computer labs are painted in green. Each PC lab has 20 computers and 1 printer • Offices are painted in pink. Each office room can connect 4 computers.
• The technical room is painted in cyan where the main switches and routers are located
Design requirements:
– Each PC lab is on a separate IP sub-network
– All office computers are on a single IP sub-network
– The LAN is connected to the main campus network and the Internet using a FastEthernet fiber optic link (100Base-FX). Assume that the default gateway address is
– The LAN operates on a class A sub-network: 10.10x.1y0.0/23 where x, y is the last two digits of your student id.
o Cisco 2950/2960 series switches o Cisco ISR router 2620 series with all available modules o All types of network cables and connectors
Your task: Design and configure the LAN to meet the design requirements.
• The design document should include o A network diagram of the LAN with detailed information to show the functionality of each network device in the diagram.
o A site map that show the deployment location of each network device in the site o A detailed list of the network inventories including:
 The network devices with detailed specification and amount of each type  Network cables and estimated amount of each cable type in meters,  Any other accessories such as connectors and tools.
o An IP network addressing plan that specifies:
• The configuration document includes o Detailed configuration commands for all routers and switches o A packet tracer file implements a simplified solution of the LAN
 Each sub-network has 2 computers o Screenshots from packet tracer showing you can connect between sub-networks and the gateway (using ping to verify the connectivity)
Time frame:
– No extension will be given unless special consideration is approved by the unit coordinator. Each day late, 5% of the total mark will be deducted.
Marking schemes: (Scale to 30% of final grade)
1. Solution (50%):
a. Working solution: 40%
b. Optimality: 10%
2. Documentation and presentation (50%)
a. Sufficient information as required: 40%
b. Well presentenced: 10%



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