Recent draft: Was I Born this Way

Was I Born this Way

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Assignment type : Coursework

Textbook- Welch. 20123. Family Now. Boston: Allyn & Bacon

(At least 200 words and use the remaining word count to respond to both classmates)
On page 281 Welch states “You don’t become sexual at a certain point in your lifespan….you are continuously becoming a sexual being.” If this is true then is it possible that overtime one can change their sexual orientation? Also, do you believe that someone can engage in a homosexual experience and not identify as homosexual?

Be sure to read the text and support your answers. Respond to at least 2 classmates. Push each other to challenge your perspectives.

Classmate 1-I believe that our very first teachers in life are our parents. Therefore, the views of our parents alter the way we accept or view a given topic. As our lives go on, we are exposed to people of different costumes and cultures. I believe that Welch statement “You don’t become sexual at a certain point in your lifespan….you are continuously becoming a sexual being” is true. Every person experiences different forms of sexuality throughout the span of their lives. I feel that the possibility of a person changing their sexual orientation overtime is possible. Experiences within a person’s life can cause them to want to change their sexual orientation. I feel that a person who identified as heterosexual at a point of their lives may not have had that encounter before to know that they are homosexual and will in fact change orientation. There have been cases where a person will get married to a heterosexual spouse and have children because it was not socially acceptable to be heterosexual. Overtime, society has changed their views on this issue and then that person divorced to pursue a homosexual partner. Others are exposed to a variety of different social medias that display different behaviors. They may feel that because certain behaviors are exhibited in social media that they are “curious” and will in fact engage in homosexual experiences without identifying as homosexual.

Classmate 2- I believe it is possible to change your sexual orientation overtime, even more-so if the person has been in denial about their sexual orientation due to judgments from society. The fact is sexual orientation isnt even as clear cut as we’d like it to be so asking this question comes with the assumption that sexual orientation is clear cut. We as the society determine what is considered sexual and how to behave sexually so it is all a social construct . The book talks about “sexual scripts” which refer to the “shared, gender-specific social and cultural expectations that guide our beliefs, attitudes, and sexual conduct” (Welch, 2012). Within the sexual script is the sexual orientation which means it is also socially constructed in the same way. Therefore one can assume that your sexual orientation can change even depending on where you are standing in the world. Since sexual orientation isnt clear cut, this means that sexual attraction is not specific to any specific gender all the time either.This means that one can identify as heterosexual and still find someone of the same sex sexually attractive. In addition to that, theres also the fact that you dont have to be sexually attracted to someone to have sex with them. We see this happen alot in prostitution and with men who work in the homosexual pornography business for the money and still consider themselves to be straight.