Identity Development In Adolescence: Role Of Spirituality

Think about what the family has gone through and the impact has been on all family members. Chrissy was an adult when she came out to her family as a lesbian, however research is showing more and more people are coming out as early as middle school and a vast majority end of high school.

  1. Explain the role spirituality can play in identity development during adolescence.  Explain how religious teen groups/programs can assist families dealing with identity development.  What about teens whose views on religion/spirituality differ from their parents/family?  What resources are available for them?
  2. What local resources are available in your area to help both teenagers and parents understand sexual development issues from a religious stance? As a  mental health worker, how can you utilize these resources?
  3. Access and read the GCU Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work. GCU believes that redemption as well as the restoration of all things comes through Christ Jesus. Therefore, GCU believes that the Christian worldview offers hope of restoration, not only for individuals, but also for families, communities. How could a mental health worker with the Christian worldview help a family dealing with mental health issues about sexual identity or orientation?